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The Hippogriff – Concept

Speak Art:

Everyone needs art. The Hippogriff brings together incredible art work from various genres to you as printed everyday use products. Art is not only accessible to all now, it’s affordable too. To express yourself through art is oddly satisfying. The creative intelligence and visual dexterity expressed through the lush arrangement of colours and inked ideas is celebrated with our quality products.

The Community:

We are building a strong community of talented artists from around the world. We collaborate with distinguished individuals who create unique hand drawn, oil painted, illustrated, photographed works of art that are then mocked up and displayed as their own products. The best part? Every sale helps pay an artist!

The Canvas:

The vision is to make individuals identify themselves with art. We want to print, paint and cover as many articles or products possible with exceptional artwork created by more and more artists. The Hippogriff is home for all future artists and their creations.

The Hippogriff – Company

About :

The Hippogriff is a mythological creature that has the front portion of an eagle and hind portion of a horse. It is a majestic, powerful, fast, and inspiring – Everything that is synonymous to the brand’s identity and that is why it has been chosen as a symbol of the brand and all that it represents.

The company primarily deals in printed products with licensed artwork as the design used. Based in India, the company uses top notch facilities and equipment to get a manufacturing edge as well as bringing a sense of authenticity to the final customer when they receive the product. The company firmly believes in superior service, state of the art craftsmanship and bringing something new to the table with new age designs.


“ Early 2015, I had the urge to start something of my own. Being and avid online shopper myself I had a certain attraction the market present then, speaking with the context of India. The idea at this time was rudimental and borderline amateur. I had to hop from one website to another to find things I really liked, and even though that itself was inconvenient I was gradually made aware of a bigger gap. The content available at all these places were extremely basic, childish, repetitive and lacked intellect. I wondered why content and designs these days are dumbed down for the people and why they were produced and sold without any thought put into any of them.

At the same time I was filled with awe with the kind of artwork I was witnessing on social media by independent artists and illustrators. I knew right there that combining these two segments would fill the gap I was dying to come out of. The idea was to take a painting of a wall, a gallery exhibition, an illustrator artboard or a standard sketchbook and put it on everyday products. If a person wanted to wear a T-shirt, they should have an option of sporting an artwork made with hours of dedication and priceless grey matter that a talented artist somewhere across the globe has conjured skilfully. I wanted to help budding artists get as many eyes and pay them for their contribution to my venture. At the same time I wanted to offer a choice to the people to consume better content. Quoting Steve Jobs ,’Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected’. I’m confident about where we are heading and even more thrilled about giving art lovers what they want. “

-Allen George


The Hippogriff